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Founded by beauty brand and cosmetics entrepreneur Damien Zannetou, the multi award-winning Aenea Cosmetics product range was launched by Damien in 2014 and boasts a full range of Epigenetic skin care. It has garnered a celebrity following and an army of engaged social media followers who can’t get enough of the ultra-luxe, on-trend Aenea brand. The global beauty and wellness industry is highly complex and constantly evolving and Damien has brought together a team of highly experienced individuals and companies who specifically focus on the luxury skin care and retail market. Aenea has already secured Harrods in London, Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Feel Unique Online Europe and BFF BKK Bangkok as exclusive global retail partners, to advance the brand’s market position as a luxury good with a clear marketing strategy across leading skin care capitals. The holding company is now Australian based, and the operating company is based in London UK. Aenea Cosmetics is the first luxury high tech skin care range to launch globally based on the science of Epigenetics. Epigenetics literally means ‘on top of’ your genes, in other words the environment and how it affects your skin. We are all born with a genetic code which tells us how we’re going to age but throughout our adolescence and as we age, we begin to experience epigenetic environmental factors that can speed up the process of ageing. This might include air pollution, radiation from our mobile phones or computer screens, stress and the production of cortisol which can lead to a breakdown in our collagen and elastin production due to over exertion at work, a lack of sleep or not enough water, our lifestyles in terms of exercise, diet and the consumption of alcohol, sun damage and a lack of protection and moisture or hydration. Aenea has teamed up with the leading formulators in the business to create a set of unique products that are designed to target these factors, enhancing our natural defence mechanism against these free radicals and aggressors to slow down the ageing process and intimately lead to younger, more radiant looking skin. We are totally cruelty free, 100% vegan and free of sulphates, detergents, petrochemicals, artificial colours and fragrances. We are ethically and environmentally responsible and wish to revolutionise the skin care arena with a series of high profile brands that think outside the box away from conventional ideas which are out dated and over saturated.

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AIM – Asian Integrated Media, founded in Hong Kong in 2003, represents premium media titles and digital platforms across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. These titles include Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon and other inflight media, Condé Nast International and Newsweek to name just a few. With an exceptionally strong network of over 40 experienced media sales professionals, AIM offers representation across 16 countries. It is the combination of experience, longstanding client relationships and our network of sales offices which ensures that AIM delivers the maximum level of advertising revenue for all of our media partners. AIM is the pre-eminent media sales partner of choice.

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E-MERSION, , is a unique and pioneering technology that fully immerses consumers across a brand’s ecosystem. Delivering ‘always on content’, in real time, E-MERSION is designed and built for multi-sensory engagement on each and every page across digital magazine platforms Creating vast, new real-time revenue channels for advertisers while delivering always on and immersive content that engages consumers through tailored entertainment, education, inspiration and the ability to immediately transact, securely, when, where and how the customer chooses. All backed by a comprehensive analytics platform, empowering client partners and advertisers to monitor and measure the effectiveness of individual advertising, content placement and distribution within the brand’s complete ecosystem. John Iliopoulos, Australian based entrepreneur, with a background in corporate finance, has spearheaded delivery of this exciting new platform, in fact arguably the world’s most interactive and user- friendly digital magazine.

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Strike Marketing Communications is a creative, Melbourne based advertising and design agency, providing brand strategy, campaign advertising , graphic design , web design, corporate identity, and print management. Located in Melbourne's CBD, our creative solutions deliver outstanding results for a wide variety of clients. Our creative graphic design services begin at logo and brand identity design and extend through to brochures, flyers , corporate profiles, annual reports, packaging, signage and the design of web sites. Our creative advertising services include everything from the initial brand strategy and positioning through to the creation of advertising campaigns in whatever media is appropriate for the client, from television, radio, print, print, cinema, outdoor, direct mail or digital. Largely servicing clients in Melbourne's CBD, Strike Marketing Communications also service several clients throughout Australia

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The team at Endless Solar is committed to delivering the best renewable energy technologies to help meet Australia's daily energy needs. With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, we can quickly respond to most clients in Australia, providing world‐class and highly cost‐effective solar water solutions that deliver major cuts in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Endless Solar has been supplying Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems since 2004. In that time we have earned a solid reputation as a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of solar water heaters through our award winning design, high quality products, and exceptional customer service. Endless Solar pioneered the acceptance of high performance Evacuated Tube technology. Endless Solar provides honest advice and upfront, detailed specifications to our customers. Endless Solar has had extensive experience with commercial applications through our knowledge and ability in custom designing and modelling specific systems to suit the needs of our clients.